Testimonials / Getuigskrifte

I always like to hear from customers. Here are some of the feedback:

Ek hou graag daarvan om te hoor van my kliente. Hier is van die terugvoer wat ek in geskrewe vorm ontvang het:

Elzet and Jacques Labuschagne (newborn and family photos 2013):


Thank you for the amazing photographs. We will certainly be recommending you.

I heard about Andre on the web, I can honestly say that he changed my whole perspective on photography as a whole.

Andre has managed to capture the true essence and beauty of my little girl in every single picture. I have never been

one for photos but will take up any opportunity now, to do a shoot with Andre. Your work is amazing. You have a way

of bringing out the inner beauty in a person, and your passion for photography shows in your work. I am proud to show

off my pictures to friends and family.

Thank you for your unbelievable work and for making the time with us! I can’t wait for my next shoot with Andre.


Jacques and Elzet”


Cassie – Model 2009

“Andre and his wife Elda are a lovely team to work with. They make a person feel comfortable and welcome any ideas

as well as make loads of contributions to poses, props etc. It was a pleasure to have met and worked with both of them :-)”


Yolandi Bezuidenhout – Model 2011

“Thank you for the great photoshoot yesterday can’t wait to see our photos…thank you for the great hospitality as well.

This shoot will really improve my profile and my modelling skills and I know now that I am able to do a funky crazy shoot.

Thank you to Elda as well for the makeup she really is good and will come far. You guys work great as a team and will

refer every model to you guys. Thanks again for the amazing shoot.”


Laina – Model 2010

“Although my time spent with them was short, they were such a lovely couple to work with. Down to earth and very kind.

Anyone who wants to try their own thing and have a good laugh while getting great shots should definitely go to them!”


Jolani – Model 2012

“ALFotografie has been incredible to work with. His artistic flare was evident from his MB portfolio, but meeting with

him in person to view his portfolios was an experience in and of itself. Each photograph seemed to be alive with the

atmosphere. What impressed me the most was that no two pictures were alike. I was instantly impressed by this.

Andre himself spoke so eloquently about his passion for his work and the joy photography brings him.

Everyone who has seen my photos are so impressed. After looking at them millions of times, I still get emotional

and to me that is the mark of a great photograph – you never tire of it, and looking at it brings up so many good feelings.

Andre did this with each photograph, with each proof. Being photographed by Andre was a terrific experience.

Not only was he fun to work with, but he was so excited to work with me. Again, this set him apart from all the other

Photographers I’ve worked with. I have been to so many shoots where the photographer treats it as

a job – get in, take the picture, get out – but for Andre, there is nothing monotonous or rigid about shooting a model.

He walks into each “job” as a new and exciting experience. He leaves all expectations at the door and tries his best to

capture the essence of the model and her beauty. His genuine love for his work, his passion, sense of adventure,

and his easy going personality have made ALFotografie a true pleasure to work with. I definitely recommend

him to anyone =) Lani”